Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Divine Decree for Order New Book Release

It doesn’t take spiritual eyes to discern the condition of the modern-day church. Yet, there are those who don’t see anything wrong with the Church. Perhaps you are one of them or someone you know. In A Divine Decree for Order, you will go on a journey into the mind of God and see the condition of the Church. Is she rapture-ready? Is she a bride prepared for the groom? Is she without spot or blemish?

From the beginning of time God saw chaos in the earth and called it into order. It was a mess out there and He fixed it. Amid the chaos today beginning in the church house and in the world, God is calling forth order. The world can’t get in order until the Church gets in order. Why? Because the Church is called to be the Light that shines in darkness. She is the solution to the world. However, something is incredibly wrong! So, wrong that God deemed it necessary for this book to be written in 2002 and released fifteen years later—today, in year 2017.