Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Era of Great Exposure is Upon Us!

There is nothing hid that shall not be made manifest...Luke 12:2

This book was written in 2002, it finally caught up with time. This interesting prophetic poetic piece is taken from "The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour."

It is now year 2002. As the book, Visions of God’s Coming Judgments began to race through my mind; God in His awesome power gave me a vision in the wee hours of April 11, 2002. He commissioned me to record it in the book Visions, and to make it a single stand-alone book titled, “The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour.” It has been five years since the writing of Visions and two years after its release. Many events have occurred since and I can hear the Lord telling me to “watch.” What am I supposed to watch?

I watch the headlines and I watch the news.
That’s what God told me to do.
Amid it all, I have a sense of peace.
God said, “When you see these things fear not, for I am with thee.”
I see trouble in the USA and trouble in the Middle East.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, hmmm Bible prophecy.
Now exactly what do I see that is making this foundation shake?
God said to love one another, but you’ve replaced it with hate.

I see men everywhere serving divers lusts and pleasures.
Their sins have increased way above measures.
They’ve become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God.
It’s a shame to even mention what they do in the dark.
With hate in the forefront, the love of many is waxing cold.
I’m watching in amazement as Bible prophecies unfold.

I see the church eating, drinking, and rising up to play.
Judgment must begin at her first. That’s what the Bible say.
I see preachers making the headlines, the local and national news.
Leading the flock of God and guilty of sexual abuse.
Strange doctrines taught in pulpits, and gays ordained as priests.
Abominations that makes desolate and visible for the eyes to see.
Churches are dwindling and burning to the ground.
It’s time to lay down traditions of men and ring in a kingdom sound.

The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour