Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Era of Great Exposure is Upon Us!

There is nothing hid that shall not be made manifest...Luke 12:2

This book was written in 2002, it finally caught up with time. This interesting prophetic poetic piece is taken from "The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour."

It is now year 2002. As the book, Visions of God’s Coming Judgments began to race through my mind; God in His awesome power gave me a vision in the wee hours of April 11, 2002. He commissioned me to record it in the book Visions, and to make it a single stand-alone book titled, “The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour.” It has been five years since the writing of Visions and two years after its release. Many events have occurred since and I can hear the Lord telling me to “watch.” What am I supposed to watch?

I watch the headlines and I watch the news.
That’s what God told me to do.
Amid it all, I have a sense of peace.
God said, “When you see these things fear not, for I am with thee.”
I see trouble in the USA and trouble in the Middle East.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, hmmm Bible prophecy.
Now exactly what do I see that is making this foundation shake?
God said to love one another, but you’ve replaced it with hate.

I see men everywhere serving divers lusts and pleasures.
Their sins have increased way above measures.
They’ve become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God.
It’s a shame to even mention what they do in the dark.
With hate in the forefront, the love of many is waxing cold.
I’m watching in amazement as Bible prophecies unfold.

I see the church eating, drinking, and rising up to play.
Judgment must begin at her first. That’s what the Bible say.
I see preachers making the headlines, the local and national news.
Leading the flock of God and guilty of sexual abuse.
Strange doctrines taught in pulpits, and gays ordained as priests.
Abominations that makes desolate and visible for the eyes to see.
Churches are dwindling and burning to the ground.
It’s time to lay down traditions of men and ring in a kingdom sound.

The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Touch Not Mine Anointed--THE THIRD HOUR

This is an excerpt taken from, THE FATE OF AMERICA IN THE NINTH HOUR written in 2002 by Kimberly Jackson, ripe for such a time as this.

And it was the third hour and they crucified him. Mark 15:25

This is the third hour in which the crucifixion of Jesus took place. The third hour is 9 a. m. They crucified Jesus in the third hour. Crucify means to hurt, afflict, strike, torment or torture. Take special note of the people that crucified him. The Romans smote him and spit on him. They passed him wagging their heads and mocked Him. Look at who else is in on the action too. Matthew 27:41 says, “Also in like manner the chief priest, the scribes and elders made fun of Him and mocked Him.” Religious folk had a hand in it too. It is not the world alone that will give you trouble, it’s your own kind. This is a picture of church folk in disguises, who attack kingdom folk.

Look at Mark 15:22-25. In the third hour, you will see the antichrist spirit at work. The same people that crucified Jesus exist today, attacking God’s people. They will take you to Golgotha (the place of the skull) like they did Jesus and will try everything in their power to bring you down. They will argue the truth and try to tear off your garments of truth, honesty and righteousness, to discredit your authority. Just as Jesus didn’t receive their wine, you must not receive what others dish out. You must stand firm on what you believe. The outsiders (world) and the insiders (religious folk standing in the outer courts) (with no Spirit and no discernment) crucified back then and are still doing so today.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Visions of God's Coming Judgments
While there be many who dispute the validity of the Trinity-the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Jesus words affirms its reality in the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19. One God who subsists in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). Each is distinquished from the other: each possess all the divine attributes; yet the THREE are ONE.
There are religions that deny the Trinity. They don’t acknowledge the Holy Spirit and His ministry to the Church. Even the Webster dictionary acknowledges the Trinity as being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Webster doesn’t have a problem with the Holy Ghost being the third person of the Godhead, so why do some men? Denying the Holy Ghost is denying God His personality. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God. The Holy Ghost has the same attributes of God such as omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, love, truth, holiness, and wisdom.

I John 5:7 tell us, “For there are three that bare record in heaven, the Father, the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost.” They bear witness one to the other. They work in unison just as the Body of Christ should be working. The Holy Ghost represents power. The word “trinity” itself means a set of three. This unique set of three are one. When you leave out one, you have broken off the union. Without the three, you are good as dead and powerless.

Friday, June 4, 2010


The scribes and Pharisees represent the religious and educated who sit in Moses' seat. What an insult to God. Moses' seat represents authority, uprightness, integrity, morality, loyalty, power and responsibility.

There are people today who sit in Moses' seat who:
  1. Observe the commands passed down from some human agency and enforce them on others.
  2. Resist the kingdom message and refuse God's order of transitioning from church to kingdom.
  3. Keep people in bondage to traditions, creeds, and ceremonial rituals.
  4. Love to be seen (put on a dramatic showing).
  5. Caught up on titles (salutation stands corrected if wrong).
  6. Love the chief seats (positions) in the house (church). Their goal is the inner circle.
  7. Seek to please men.
  8. Walk in pride (like Humpty Dumpty will at some point suffer a great fall).
  9. Cheat their way to the top.
  10. Seek admiration and praise from others.
  11. Don't care about being holy-just look the part. Act spiritual.
  12. Lack love, compassion, and a giving spirit.
  13. Hinder others from entering the kingdom because they are not in their rightful place in ministry.

They sit in Moses' seat as imposters in someone elses' seat of authority, unapproved by God, yet ordained by man. Basically "acting" and at the same time frustrating the grace of God. They act as teachers, evangelists, apostles, prophets, ministers, and whatever position one is standing in that God did not set them in. God set some... Jesus gave... Not man. Somehow their "acting" is the wrong acting. We are called to preach the good news (kingdom message) and demonstrate (this type of acting) the power of God.


God is calling for a divine decree for order in the Church.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


According to Luke 17:21, the Kingdom of God is within the believer. He has given unto us the keys to the kingdom. It is only a matter of the believer activating it. The Kingdom of God comes with power in Mark 9:1. It is the supernatural power of God at work in us to carry out our God-given assignment in the earth. It is not in word only, it is in demonstration. In otherwords, demonstrating what you preach and teach equals to the Kingdom of God. Jesus is not coming back to repeat His works (kingdom) in the earth. He passed the torch on to the believer, thereby setting the example for all to follow. And in that, He proclaimed even greater works than He, we shall do. Jesus himself sent the disciples out to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick (Luke 9:2). Word and then demonstration. Repeat that. Word and then demonstration. If I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. If I speak to these devils (strongholds in people lives) and allow God to use me to bring deliverance, then the kingdom of God has come unto them through me. Don't be as the Pharisees who shut up the kingdom in people's face due to being bound to a religious belief system originated from some human agency. Paul says in I Corinthians 2:4, and by the way Paul is a perfect example of operating in kingdom and so is the Early Church in the Book of Acts. That's why it's called The Book of Acts because they demonstrated how the church is supposed to operate today. But somehow their way which is God's way,  got swepted under the pulpit carpet of traditions. Paul said, "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Kingdom is:

  • the experience of salvation, blessedness, healing, peace, joy, hope and deliverance.
    Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 14:17
  • the abode of God's presence, power and glory
    Psalms 22:28
  • a realm of wisdom, revelation, and knowledge
    Proverbs 2:6, II Corinthians 12:1-4, Ephesians 1:17, Colossians 1:9, 10
  • power, dominion, and authority
    Genesis 1:28, Matthew 11:5,16:19, Luke 17:21, I Corinthians 2:4,
  • working together in the same mind and judgment
    I Corinthians 1:10, I Corinthians 12:12-31, Philippians 2:2
  • freedom
    Matthew 12:28
In the Kingdom there is only one Voice--one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Everyone work together with the same mind, and same judgment. In the Kingdom there is no room for the confusion of religion where there are obviously many voices which equals confusion which equals to world religions which equals to shutting up the kingdom in men faces as the Pharisees do. Is God in the midst? Simply no. Where is He? In the Kingdom, where He is calling all men to come into relationship with Him. For we have all of these religions, denominations, sects and cults and no one is speaking the same thing or on the same page with God. For He is not the author of confusion, satan is.