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What is the Guiding Light Project?

A collection of true life stories that depict the awesome presence of God's Holy Spirit to guide in some aspect of a person's life.
Kingdom Sound Publishers presents "The Guiding Light Book Project" by Author Kimberly Jackson. Kimberly Jackson is a Christian author of six published titles and several eBooks in the area of Christian Living, prophecy, poetry and Christian education. She is the founder of Kingdom Sound Publishers.
Inspiration for the Guiding Light Book
"About ten years ago the Guiding Light project idea was birthed into me. Although I was growing gracefully in my spiritual walk with God, there were still a lot of things I had to experience in Him. One day I found myself sitting not knowing what to work on, and God brought back the memory of the project. Now, I’m thinking to myself, “It must be time to implement this vision.” So, I went through my 'Write the Vision' journal for all the details for the project. During the space of ten years up to now 2013, I had to actually experience God’s guiding presence in my life first before taking on this project. 
There were times when I needed advice, counsel, and guidance concerning some matter, etc. I had to learn to trust God’s counsel in every aspect of my life. God directed me through visions, dreams, poetry, songs, angels, & earthly messengers. There are at least 59 Bible verses about guidance some of which are featured in the book. These verses are the words of the Father (His promises) to us and He wants us to come freely to Him for direction. I am excited about this project and totally elated that God entrusted me to carry out this kingdom assignment." 
The Guiding Light book is a compilation of true life inspirational stories shared by people all over the world depicting the awesome presence of God leading and guiding them in some aspect of their lives. So often people go to all the wrong places seeking solutions to their situations, or maybe they are in the valley of decision about finances, family, health, ministry, marriage, education, etc., just to name a few. Some of them may resort to going to places forbidden by God.

People All Over the World!
People All Over the World!
The stories in this book will remind them that God is the light that will guide them in the way they should go. His word is a lamp unto their feet and that he will guide them with His eye and hold them by the right hand of His righteousness. This book will enhance anyone's relationship with God. The reader will gain knowledge on how to poster themselves to receive from God. 
Book features
There will be 50-100 true life stories from people of all walks of life. This is not a Black, Caucasian, Asian, or Hispanic thing. It's about people of all nationalities and races participating in the writing of this book. The book will be broken up into several categories depending on the story (e.g. finances, business, ministry, marriage, transition, family). It will feature a collection of scriptural promises on receiving God's guidance. Another amazing feature about this book is its cover! The cover is a glow-in-the dark cover. That’s right! Turn off the light and the book is shining bright, just as God is the Light that never goes out. This book glows in darkness as a reminder to the reader where they should go for guidance.
What can you do to help us achieve our goal?
Our goal for this project is $8,000. Your contribution to this project will help manifest the Guiding Light book into the following: paperback, and ebook. In appreciation for your donation of $25 or more, we will send you a digital copy of the book upon publication!
The funds you donate will help with:  
  • Editing 
  • Bookcover Design, T Shirt Design, Desktop Background Design  
  • Printwork 
  • Marketing and Promotion  
  • Contributing writers' incentives 

Be led by the Spirit of God on what to donate! 

And I thank you kindly for your contribution and whatever you do to get the word out about the Guiding Light Book Project.
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