Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ten reasons why anyone chooses not to read this prophetic book

Visions of God's Coming Judgments

What readers are saying!

The writer truly hears the voice of God and write the revelations in a way that captures the soul. Dr. R. Ward, Lithonia, GA
We have read your book and it is very inspiring. It is really anointed by God. Rev. Meter, Stone Mtn, GA 
This book will:

  • Challenge you to a spiritual self-examination.
  • Help bring you into right standing with God.
  • Reveals the significance of the appearance of Hale Bopp in 1995.
  • Increase your knowledge into the will and plan of God for mankind.
  • Identify satan in the home, church and society today.
  • Much more! 

One particular encounter with God recorded in this book, left the writer at awe for days!
When God finished saying what He had to say, I had to lie flat on my face until my strength returned unto me." The Author.
Will things get better? READ THE BOOK

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If you find yourself in the Top 10 reasons for not reading this book, shake yourself.

Don't be in the dark any longer! Something is incredibly wrong with this country and surrounding nations!