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The True Interpretation of Revelation 12 Decoded Like Never Before!

As persecution and terrorism intensify in the earth, the woman and the dragon in Revelation 12 carry a great significance in our 21st century modern day world. Who are they? What message is God conveying through them? Where does Israel, the Church, America and surrounding countries fit in all of this? As you read page after page, you will become enlightened to the true meaning behind Revelation 12 as has never been told before and how it relates to our day and time.

This eye-opener book also discusses:

• The antichrist spirit in the earth
• Persecution: plight of Israel and the Church
• The Christian’s role in a world of loose morals
• God’s divine order for kingdom establishment in the earth and more!

This book is for those of you who endeavor to understand the end time mysteries of God as they relate to our day and time.

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The dreams and visions began January 1997. The writer shares astonishing end-time revelation knowledge concerning three heavenly bodies with their prophetic calling that will lead you to the edge of your seat and into the hands of Almighty God. As you read the divine messages in this book you will feel the awesome power of God radiate off the pages.

This book will: 

1. Challenge the reader to a spiritual self examination.
2. Increase their knowledge into the will and plan of God for mankind.
3. Reveal prophetic insights into astronomical disasters to come.
4. Highlight on religions and idolatrous worship.
5. Expose satan for who he is in the church, home, and in society today.
6. Discuss the rapture, antichrist, and the tribulation period.
7. Explains the reasons for God's coming judgments. Also features a collection of end time poetry in the now.

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In the Fate of America, Kimberly Jackson reveals what's going on in the mind of God in the now 21st Century era of happenings concerning America and the Church. It addresses God's judgments upon a nation that continues to ignore Him and adopt heathen practices rooted from the ancient traditions of Babylon, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It exposes the deceptions of this country and the secrets of society hidden behind closed doors.

What does God want from America? What does God want from the Church? What is the ninth hour and how does it effect America and the Church? What are a lot of things we see happening today actually leading up to?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more, as you read this astonishing book of revelation knowledge and truth from the Throne Room of God!