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Fate of America Book Excerpt

Excerpt from The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour...

Surely, the kingdom comes from heaven above. However, understand this: It is in you. You have the keys and must activate it. You have the power to bring it into fruition. The kingdom is in your heart. Because we are made in the image of God, we have the heart of God. In His heart lies our purpose in life—to bring an expected end of good, not evil, into people’s lives. The kingdom of God is a spirit realm of supernatural power. God is in control, not man. In the kingdom, no one does anything by his or her own strength and power. The Holy Spirit is the energizer of the gifts and callings. The kingdom of God comes with power. It is the experience of blessedness. God gives to His people the keys to the kingdom to release His thoughts into people’s lives—to take authority and control, not over people, but over certain territories and circumstances that entraps people. It is through the vision for our life (purpose) that brings the Kingdom into existence. Through your gifts and talents, you impact lives, society, and nations.

If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. Matthew 12:28

If I don’t humble myself and allow God to empower me to bring an expected end of healing, hope and deliverance, then the kingdom has not come to those who God intended to benefit from my purpose in life. It is their life circumstance that I am anointed to minister to and see lasting results. First, you have to humble yourself as a little child before you can enter the kingdom of power—the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is not a dream or fantasy. Your leader is not Mickey and his helpmeet is not Minnie. The message of the kingdom is not a fairy tale. It’s a mission carried out by humble folk who knows respect, loyalty and commitment to God. Whoever don’t receive the kingdom and come up against these humble ones with the intentions of trying to make them fall, hear what the Bible says to you in Matthew 18:6. “It is better for you that a millstone was hanged about your neck and that you were drowned in the sea.”
Many church folk are in the Magic kingdom where flesh rules and dominates according to its will. It is a place of amusement and entertainment where the church eats, drinks and rises up to play. The spirit of man, not the Spirit of God, controls it. They wear masks and costumes. No one is being who God called him or her to be. No one waited on Him to give them a change of raiment and a fair mitre on their head like Joshua in Zechariah 3. They chose their own calling and their own season to go forth. They spend a lot of time gazing up at the sky, but believe it or not, Jesus is already here. Too much magic and witchcraft goes on in this realm. You know like twitching the nose, pointing the finger at your target and mumbling something, folding the arms and tilting the head forward towards a person, place or thing, like Samantha and Jeenie. They even make the “kingdom mission” disappear in their minds. This realm performs temporal healings and deliverances administered by another power, not the Holy Spirit. They only heal the hurt for a moment. God’s intent is for all to be healed, delivered, and set free permanently.
In Acts 24, the religious people came up against Paul. They called “the way” a sect and falsely accused him of being a troublemaker, ringleader of a sect, and profaning the sanctuary. This is the same as religious folk making the same accusations or worse against God’s true messengers today. They call the Kingdom a cult, sect, and so on. Here they are right here in scripture. The accusers had no evidence to support their accusations. No matter how much you come up against the Kingdom, it shall prevail. Anything outside the Kingdom will fall. Paul gave the governor an understanding of “the way.” The Way is “kingdom”—the Christian faith. And when Felix heard these things, having more perfect knowledge of “that way…”  The Kingdom is not a sect or cult. It is a supernatural realm where people operate under the power of God, changing lives, communities, governments, and nations.

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