Thursday, June 8, 2017

Do Children Suffer Because of Parent’s Past Sins?

Too often things come into our lives and cause discomfort. We rehearse over and over in our minds why this is happening, or what’s going on when the Bible instructs us to not lean to our own understanding, just trust God in the situation and learn from it. The Bible warns us that in this world you will have tribulations. They come for many reasons known to God.

The Huffington Post wrote an article about Toni Braxton, citing statements from her new book “Unbreak My Heart” in which she opens up about her life, her family, and her past. One statement she shared concerning her past received a lot of attention in which she voiced that she once believed God gave her son autism because of a past abortion. In other words, she once believed her son’s condition is because of her past sin. Now she has a change of mind and has found peace about it and is able to move on with her life. In her lifetime she’s had her share of ups and downs with a lupus diagnosis, a divorce, and two bankruptcies.The write-up did not fail to mention that she had a religious upbringing. She has history with God.