Like Poetry

Her INSpiring Voice
through Poetry and Songs

Let the Holy Spirit Embrace You with Poems of Inspiration

As we journey through life, we are faced with a need of encouraging words and spiritual guidance. This modern day 21st Century book of psalms and proverbs ministers powerful, inspiring messages that will guide you into a spirit of praise, worship, and thanksgiving. This book will challenge you to consider the awesomeness of our God, Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the precious presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Prepare to hear from God as His precious Holy Spirit rain down divine messages from above.

80 pages
40 inspirational poems
Retail: $12.00


Poem Sections

1. Blessings of Praise Worship and Thanksgiving
Featuring: The Dove in the Midst, Thank God in Advance, Pure Love, What An Awesome God, and more...

2. Divine Healing
Featuring: Jehovah Rophekha, God's Remedy, God Can, The Cross, and more...

3. Encouraging Words
Featuring: Praise Him, Run for the Prize, Stand, Forever in His Hands, New Jerusalem, and more...

4. The Truth According to God's Word
Featuring: Choose Ye This Day, Genesis One, God's Lost Sheep, A Message from God, and more...

Hidden Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge

Hidden in a treasure chest not far away is a book full of wisdom and knowledge needed for such a time and day. Use the key to unlock this book of poetry and songs that ministers practical and speculative wisdom for everyday living.

 86 pages
50 poems
Retail: $14


Special Feature included inside: Wisdom scriptures from Proverbs

This book includes a special MOTHER'S DAY poem

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