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The Era of Great Exposure is Upon Us!

There is nothing hid that shall not be made manifest...Luke 12:2

This book was written in 2002, it finally caught up with time. This interesting prophetic poetic piece is taken from "The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour."

It is now year 2002. As the book, Visions of God’s Coming Judgments began to race through my mind; God in His awesome power gave me a vision in the wee hours of April 11, 2002. He commissioned me to record it in the book Visions, and to make it a single stand-alone book titled, “The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour.” It has been five years since the writing of Visions and two years after its release. Many events have occurred since and I can hear the Lord telling me to “watch.” What am I supposed to watch?

I watch the headlines and I watch the news.
That’s what God told me to do.
Amid it all, I have a sense of peace.
God said, “When you see these things fear not, for I am with thee.”
I see trouble in the USA and trouble in the Middle East.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, hmmm Bible prophecy.
Now exactly what do I see that is making this foundation shake?
God said to love one another, but you’ve replaced it with hate.

I see men everywhere serving divers lusts and pleasures.
Their sins have increased way above measures.
They’ve become lovers of themselves more than lovers of God.
It’s a shame to even mention what they do in the dark.
With hate in the forefront, the love of many is waxing cold.
I’m watching in amazement as Bible prophecies unfold.

I see the church eating, drinking, and rising up to play.
Judgment must begin at her first. That’s what the Bible say.
I see preachers making the headlines, the local and national news.
Leading the flock of God and guilty of sexual abuse.
Strange doctrines taught in pulpits, and gays ordained as priests.
Abominations that makes desolate and visible for the eyes to see.
Churches are dwindling and burning to the ground.
It’s time to lay down traditions of men and ring in a kingdom sound.

The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour

I see we are getting closer and closer to losing our rights to privacy.
A matter that’s been cooking in the pot for some time, you see.
All they need is an excuse to bring it into affect.
Keep your eyes and ears open and see what happens next.
I see man playing God through scientific inventions.
What do they want when they’re finish, a throne and honorable mention?

In dreams and visions, I see darkness on the earth.
It is a result of ignoring God and not putting Him first.
I see television bombarded with corrupt and filth.
Man trusting in philosophy, doctrines of men, fables and myths.
I see a world that continues to flaunt its abominations.
And then have the nerve to wonder why evil hits the nation.
They even go a little further and question God’s whereabouts.
And then have the nerve to let “in God we trust” come out of their mouth.
Who are they trusting in, God or the greenback bill?
If they were trusting in God, they’d faithfully do His will.
They would live by His standards and not that of their own.
God says, “Time is up, for I have seen enough from My throne.”
One nation under one God! What do you think about that?
Looks like one nation under many gods, as a matter of a fact.

Many have entered our country wearing strange garments.
You have adopted their religious beliefs and need to repent.
You are exploring strange doctrines when God has forbidden not.
Be a light and a city on a hill, but you act like you forgot.
I see a rebellious people who continue to resist the truth.
What they are saying is, “Bump God, I’ll do what I want to do.”
They’re promoting abominations that God has strictly forbidden.
They place them on a silver platter.
They no longer keep them hidden.
They’ve become haters of God and inventors of evil things.
God Bless America they do vainly sing.

Now, let’s head back over to the church and see what’s going on.
God is beholding the hypocrisy as He sits high on His throne.
Religion here, religion there and God is nowhere to be found.
He’s over in the kingdom where freedom does abound.
He’s been there all the time.
He is no longer winking at our ignorance.
He is saying, “Come over into the kingdom now.”
I think you better adhere to this.

I see ministers getting exposed for what they do in the dark.
People just don’t care anymore and they have no fear of God.
I see a church in her complacency continuing to play church.
She’s looking like Showtime at the Apollo and even Talent Search.
All she wants nowadays is to be entertained.
She does whatever she wants to do, putting God to shame.

I see a wayward church on a spiritual decline.
Ask her how she’s doing and she will say, “I’m fine.”
Ask God how she’s doing and it’s a different thang.
Just like the world needs to rend their heart, she needs to do the same.
God’s house is a house of prayer.
They have made it a den of thieves.
No wonder God says He is whipping up the leaves.
All foolishness and mess going on in His house must come to a cease.

I see preachers standing in the pulpit preaching strange fire.
Ministers of the gospel are doing work for hire.
False prophets divine for money and whisper what your ears want to hear.
They speak peace, peace when peace is nowhere near.
False christs are doing miracles and healings in the name of God.
Here you are with no insight at all responding with applause.
Their works looks so real, it’ll fool the very elect.
False teachers weaving the web of deceit catching people in their net.

Hypocrisy in religious programs is leading people astray.
I must say, my friend, these are truly the last days.
I see dead men in the pulpit preaching information.
They won’t seek the face of God for a revelation.
Witchcraft in the pulpit a controlling spirit you see.
Come over into the kingdom where everyone is free.
They are free to serve God in the beauty of holiness.
Don’t have to put up with all of those rules.
Don’t have to put up with church mess.

Church, come out of religion and go possess the land.
God is doing a new thing in the earth.
Can’t you hear the kingdom sound of “change?”
Try telling it to a religious leader and see the reaction you’ll get.
They are either fighting the vision or haven’t grasped it just yet.
They will continue to fight God and see each other drop like leaves.
Or, they will give in with a “yes Lord” and surrender to their knees.

So much is going on people are dying left and right.
Murder, abductions, theft, you name it, crime is at an all-time high.
I’ve read about corporate scandals and greedy CEOs.
God is exposing the evil that goes on behind closed doors.
I’ve read about the bridge collapsing taking innocent people lives.
Cities are flooding with rain and others are fighting fires.
Airplanes are falling out of the sky like never before.
An earthquake shook from the Midwest to the south measuring 5.0.

Diseases and viruses plague the lives of men.
They want to blame it on everything else
and refuse to see it as a result of sin
It is high time my sister, my brother to get on God’s side.
Something I keep pondering in my mind.
Is the day of the Lord drawing nigh?
These and other questions I do surely ask.
God says, “Stay focused my child, for these things must come to pass.”

Lies and lies I see for miles surrounding this great country.
This is the Era of Great Exposure for all eyes to see.
Iniquity surely abounds and I see a display of apostasy.
What’s left now is in II Thessalonians 2:3.
I see sin has undoubtedly reached an all-time high.
When trouble hits home, here comes the question why.
Where is God and why did He allow this to happen?
Wake up America; it’s time to quit your napping.

@2004 Kimberly Jackson

The rest of this poetic piece is in, "The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour." Order your copy at Amazon.com in softcover or ebook edition. Click the link below:

The Fate of America in the Ninth Hour


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