Monday, February 10, 2014

In love with the other significant

Have you ever just thought about a person all the time? You wake up in the morning thinking about that person. You go about your day thinking about that person. You dream about that person. You sing about that person. Its just you and that person alone. Just in time for Valentines Day, I introduce to you my other significant in a poem titled, It Must be Love.
It must be love
Got me on cloud nine
I can’t seem to get God off of my mind
He’s so good to me and as loving as He can be
Always bringing blessings to me
His glory, He says is shining on me
Now that’s what I call love, grace and mercy
I’m forever in His presence
He’s forever in mine
I think about God all the time
He’s holding my hands
I’m holding His too
This love we have together is stronger than glue
He holds me gently in His arms
As I sing praises to Him in songs
I love singing to Him on my knees in prayer
In His courts of praise He always meets me there
Nothing can separate me from His love, so true
I’m like a tree planted by the living waters
I cannot be moved
I’m rooted and grounded
God has a hold on me
He has me all set up for life eternity
It must be love
It must be love
Divine love from God above
I’m hooked on God—I can’t go any where
I’ve got too much at stake—I don’t even dare
What the world calls love
Don’t have anything on God
This love we have together
Cannot be torn apart
Oh, God of Israel, I thank you for this day
I thank you for loving me in a very special way.

November 8, 1997
Copyright by Kingdom Sound Publishers

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