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Touch Not Mine Anointed--THE THIRD HOUR

This is an excerpt taken from, THE FATE OF AMERICA IN THE NINTH HOUR written in 2002 by Kimberly Jackson, ripe for such a time as this.

And it was the third hour and they crucified him. Mark 15:25

This is the third hour in which the crucifixion of Jesus took place. The third hour is 9 a. m. They crucified Jesus in the third hour. Crucify means to hurt, afflict, strike, torment or torture. Take special note of the people that crucified him. The Romans smote him and spit on him. They passed him wagging their heads and mocked Him. Look at who else is in on the action too. Matthew 27:41 says, “Also in like manner the chief priest, the scribes and elders made fun of Him and mocked Him.” Religious folk had a hand in it too. It is not the world alone that will give you trouble, it’s your own kind. This is a picture of church folk in disguises, who attack kingdom folk.

Look at Mark 15:22-25. In the third hour, you will see the antichrist spirit at work. The same people that crucified Jesus exist today, attacking God’s people. They will take you to Golgotha (the place of the skull) like they did Jesus and will try everything in their power to bring you down. They will argue the truth and try to tear off your garments of truth, honesty and righteousness, to discredit your authority. Just as Jesus didn’t receive their wine, you must not receive what others dish out. You must stand firm on what you believe. The outsiders (world) and the insiders (religious folk standing in the outer courts) (with no Spirit and no discernment) crucified back then and are still doing so today.

In II Corinthians 11, Paul describes his attack by church folk wearing disguises. They are the ones that will come up against your works. Further down in verses 23-30, Paul listed some of the trials and sufferings he had to go through for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Fake folk cannot endure the troubles Paul had to suffer.

The mark of a true minister of the Gospel is to weather whatever they have to for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to suffer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even if it cost you your life? There will always be those among you acting as God’s people, who will try to keep the work of God in you from going forth. In their efforts of trying to do so, they are persecuting you. This is the spirit of antichrist trying to undermine the work of God in the earth.

The chief priest, the scribes, and the elders made fun of Him and mocked Him. Again, they represent religious folk. This is the perfect example of what kingdom folk have to go through because of their stand on the truth. They walk in the anointing of God. They perform miracles and healings by the power of God. Like Samuel, they let none of their words fall to the ground. They speak the truth in a different light, such a truth that will put the spotlight on hypocrisy. Divine inspiration comes from God and will cause you to have to change. Change is something no one wants to do these days.

The spirit of the antichrist is already at work in the earth through people in general, and here you see it at work in the third hour. It is mainly at work through church folk who reject the “kingdom” agenda. They walk around in denial to what God is birthing in the earth. They persecute others with their mouths. They criticize, slander, and backbite. They devise evil and say all manner of evil against you. They call you every name in the book.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” (Proverbs 18:21). If you are going to use it, be ready to suffer the consequences for what you speak and do against God’s anointed. God may allow you to do it for a moment, but I assure you, judgment is coming to you. In Matthew 21:31, Jesus told the chief priests and elders (religious folk) that the publicans and the harlots would enter the kingdom before them.

I John 2:18, Little children, it is the last time; and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists, whereby we know that it is the last time.

Just as they numbered Jesus with the transgressors, they will number you with the false prophets, false teachers and so on, because of the witness of the kingdom in you. When you go forth in the anointing, demonstrating God’s power, the world and religious folk will come up against you. You know your work is a work of God if both the world and the church come up against it. They don’t realize they are coming up against God when they attack you and your works.

If they had their choice of whom they want to release off the cross, they’d pick either the false prophet or the false teacher. Why? Because both of them speak sweet nothings in people’s ears, telling them what they want to hear. They will keep you hanging on the cross like they did Jesus. This is the antichrist spirit at work in the earth. It is among you not only in the world, but also in the religious arena.

To the Body of Christ, as of September 2010, we are in a third hour moment. God has not forsaken us, He is at work. Anytime you have a title in front of your name, the fight is on. satan will not allow you to sit on your throne without causing trouble, chaos, difficulty in your life, especially if you are anointed. Now, if you find yourself sitting in your sit of authority and not catching static on any level whatsoever from the kingdom of darkness, then you do not oppose a threat to satan and his kingdom. He has you right where he wants you.

The anointing comes with a price. Wealth and riches comes with a price. If you are in a carnal state of mind you will not be able to understand the things of God, His ways and how He operates among His people. You will not be able to discern when the body of Christ is under attack. You will not be able to recognize the works of satan. You will go along side to assist satan, in trying to bring another down, and don't even know it. Its storming outside and four tornadoes have touched down upon God's anointed, felt at the four corners of the Earth. When one suffer in the body, we all suffer. When your brethren suffers, where are you? Are you on the outercourt of noise, judging, ridiculing, defaming one's character and stripping them of dignity and integrity when you should be looking in the mirror at yourself. You are as one who sit in the seat of the image of jealousy, that Ezekiel saw in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 8. A true member of the body will not join forces with the works of satan, they will join themselves together in unity in prayer, love and support for one another. God is not going up against Himself or His own, and neither is satan going up against his kingdom. He is going up against God and God's people.

I Corinthians 12:26 says, God blended the body together that we should have the same care one for another, and whether one member suffer ALL (who nameth the name of Christ) suffers also.

The third hour reveals the hearts of men. It shows you the ugly side of people. It reveals whose real and fake, weak and strong, your true friend, or enemy. The third hour reveals who is with you and who is not. For those ( religious leaders, secular leaders, and people in general) who come against leaders who have a large following--a large following is a result of the anointing upon one's ministry. The anointing equals results--lives empowered and lives impacted. If you study the Early Church, several passages proclaim how the church grew daily. As you can see, God is a God of multiplication and addition. No matter how big or small a church is, there will always be a bunch in the midst who worships the pastor. So, to those who have a problem with a big following, come off the seat of the image of jealousy and envy. Your eyes is on man and not on God and what He called you to do. The seminary won't teach you what you are reading in this post. We need to go back to the Bible and walk in it.

In the third hour there is a lot of finger pointing as though one has arrived, yet there is no chariot waiting outside to wisp them up into heaven. This is not the hour to be looking at another's fault. This is the hour of self examination. Look at you. Deal with whatever God shows you about you that isnt pleasing in His sight, and at the same time focus on the good in others and drop all hate and envy and walk in unlimited love and compassion. Thank God His ways are not ours because if they were then a lot of us would be in hell, if man was God.
To whoever is on the cross, though you be crucified, you will give up the ghost of your past and be resurrected into a greater anointing of ministry. God's got you.

If you find yourself helping the world (news media, radio broadcasts, governments, family, friends, haters, etc.) to help bring somebody down, you need to repent and go beyond the veil so your eyes of understanding will become open to the knowledge God and His ways. Just as God on several occasions allowed the children of Israel's enemies to cause havoc on them, He then turned around and brought judgment (destruction) upon their enemies for messing with His children. I tell you, He is still the same God and has not changed. He is the Final Judge, therefore we all have to go before Him one day.

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